Engagement Sessions | Why should we have one?

Adelaide Boutique Photographer - Engagement Session

If you are a current client of mine you will already know that I think Engagement Sessions are a fantastic thing to do before your wedding day with your photographer. This is why I include a complimentary engagement session with my wedding collections now. I have decided to do a little blog post on engagement sessions and what they are all about.

Why have an engagement session and what is it?
Sometimes there is a little confusion as to what an engagement session is, I often get told that they have already had their engagement party or they have been engaged for a long time so they don’t need one. That isn’t what engagement sessions are about, well for me they aren’t. Engagement sessions are simply just a couple’s session, an opportunity for you and your photographer to go out and take some beautiful images of you both. A perfect opportunity for you to get comfortable with them and with their camera, a little insight on what it will be like on the day of your wedding for your creative photos. For most couples their wedding is the first time they will be having professional photos together so having some portraits before hand can ease some nerves.

Sure you don’t have to have an engagement session for your photographer to take amazing photos of you on your day but I do recommend doing it. I can feel the difference when I photograph a couple I have done an engagement session for and when I haven’t. There is a extra bit of trust there and friendship, they know I know what I am doing and that this silly things that I am asking them to do will most likely turn into something great. It gives your photographer a chance to get to know how you work in front of the camera, not everyone is a natural at it and that’s ok. Some are very shy or hate having their photo taken (in particular the men) and then others are more comfortable with it. It also gives you all a chance to chat and create a friendship, another aspect of feeling comfortable with them. On your wedding you will be spending a lot of time with your photographer so having a friendship and relationship with them before hand really helps.

And of course it also gives you amazing images of you both to share with family and friends or use at your wedding or even as save the dates. There are many reasons to have an engagement session and the above are just a few.

Where should we have our engagement session?
I do my engagement sessions on location but other photographers can work differently so it is best to talk to your photographer about it. I recommend a few ideas to help my couples choose a location:

  • Is there a sentimental location to you both that we could possibly do the session at, maybe a café by the beach you go to frequently or somewhere you went on a date. It can just add that little bit of a personal touch to your session.
  • Is there a location that you would love to have your wedding images taken at but logistics or time wont be able to factor that in on the day? Some couples for example love the beach but are having a winery wedding so there is no possible way of getting to the beach on the wedding day. Having the engagement session at the beach for example will mean you will still get beautiful photographs at your favorite place.
  • Another option is to use your engagement session as a chance for you both and your photographer to see the locations around the venue before the day. Scout out the perfect spots for photos before the big day comes.

Adelaide Boutique Photographer - Engagement Session