Adelaide Wedding Celebrants

Choosing a wedding celebrant is a really important decision when it comes to planning a wedding, they should be one of the first suppliers you look into.

You can’t get married without a celebrant and the last thing you want your guests to sit through is a boring ceremony. Believe me ceremony’s don’t need to be boring I have watched hundreds whilst doing my job and there are some amazing celebrants that make the ceremony fun, up beat and heartfelt.

A few of the key things when booking a celebrant would be:

  • Do you click with them?
  • Do you like the vision they have for the ceremony?
  • How much input do you want to have in the ceremony?
  • Read reviews from previous couples.
  • Do they have a good sense of humour/presence?

Below are a few of my favourite celebrants I have worked with in the past, they are all amazing!

Camille Abbott

Kate Brown

Bel Nation

Amy Harrison

Penelope Carrick

Kathy Speake

Mark Bassett

Adelaide Wedding Celebrant Recommendations