Recommended Adelaide Videographers

You would not believe how many times I have been asked if I do wedding video (I don’t by the way), some people tend to chuck both photographers and videographers in the same bucket. Yes we both have important roles to play and yes our cameras can sometimes look almost identical but they are a completely different skill. Trust me I have tried to video with my camera and to get it looking professional is hard and don’t even ask me how to edit it!

If you are going to invest in a photographer, invest in someone who is a professional photographer that specialises in the field and the same goes for videographers. Hire someone that specialises in videography and with that specialises in weddings.

Videographers are getting more and more popular for weddings at the moment which I think is fantastic. Some of the videos I have seen have been magnificent and for me it is always lovely to have someone to bounce ideas off of and enjoy the night with.

If you value both your photography and videography it is important to ask who they recommend, whom ever you book first or is more important to you out of the two. I have worked with many videographers no complete horror stories as yet (touch wood) but there are some that I feel I work best with and compliment my shooting style. It is important that there is respect between your photographer and videographer, we are both there for you and to deliver you amazing wedding memories.

Below is a few videographers I have worked with and recommend to my clients, friends and family. There are many amazing videographers out there, I haven’t worked with them all and there are some that are amazing and I have worked with that aren’t on this post but these select few are my absolute favourites.

KMS Visions

Kelly-Marie is an absolute joy to work with, I recently worked on a styled shoot and we got on like a house on fire. You can view more of her beautiful work on her website but below is one of her highlight’s of a recent wedding, amazing!

Belinda & Andreas | Highlight Final from KMS Visions on Vimeo.


Little Darling Films

I have worked with Lani a couple of times now and am set to work with her quite a few times in the wedding season ahead, we have actually become quite good friends. Bonding over our boys (they are born 1 month apart) and our love for essential oil goodness. She is incredibly talented and often works with her husband Anthony, we always have fun working with one another. You can view her website here but below is the highlight video of the most recent wedding we did together or Bianca and Craig.

Bianca & Craig // Creative Highlight from Little Darling Films on Vimeo.


The Film Room

I first worked with Jessie a few years ago, she was the first videographer that I truly felt worked well with my photography and style. We had the same ideas and she isn’t too intrusive, she goes with the flow of the day and captures the happiness. She has so many amazing highlight videos on her website, here is a preview of Emma and Ben’s wedding day that we had the pleasure of working together on.

Emma & Ben from The Film Room on Vimeo.